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Star aircraft landed in Rivne

Star aircraft landed in Rivne. An-26, which Sylvester Stallone shot in the famous film "The Expendables 3", will now be based at a local airport. Ukrainian media have already thought that it is planning to continue filming a Hollywood movey in Rivne.

At the helm of this particular aircraft was sitting idol of millions - Sylvester Stallone.

The An-26 aircraft was brought from abroad by Kyiv businessmen who earn money by airfreight. Customs clearance is currently expected.

"We did not buy this aircraft, but took it to a European company lease, it's our long-time partners. And when we received a proposal to take this aircraft, of course, we could not refuse ", - added Andrii Kishynskyi.

Even after five years after filming, all the drawings were preserved on the aircraft, which, in fact, made him a star - on the nose - shark teeth, and on the tail - a crows sinking on the skull. Owners say "Hollywood camouflage will remain."

The star aircraft will now be permanently based in Rivne, he took the name Kilo, and will carry the cargo.

On the contrary, there is another An-26, he joined the Hollywood star. Everyone is happy at the airport, for the first time in many years the aviation company will work here.

The carrier wants to buy four more such ANs, and plans to re-paint it in a star camouflage, it will become a trademark of the carrier, while the main Hollywood shark aircraft should climb into the sky for two months when it receives all permits for flights.

Recall that as of the beginning of March 2019, the aviation company "Eleron" undergoes a procedure for obtaining certification.

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Author: 18.01.2019 Source: Сегодня