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"The Expendables": An-26, which was filmed in Hollywood movie, arrived to Rivne

On this aircraft during the third part of the American militant " The Expendables 3" move the main characters. Among the Hollywood stars on the tape were Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Antonio Banderas and Mel Gibson.

The fuselage retains images of the skulls and jaws of the shark, which were made before the shootings. They will not be painted.

"The picture on the plane is a work of art," Andrii Kishynskyi, director general of the aviation company "Eleron", told about his feeling to journalists.

An-26, which millions of viewers from all over the world have seen on cinema and TV screens, will based at the international airport of Rivne.

The aircraft is over 30 years old, it is in working condition. Aircraft will be used for freight.

"We did not buy this aircraft, but took it to a European company lease, it's our long-time partners. And when we received a proposal to take this aircraft, of course, we could not refuse ", - added Andrii Kishynskyi.

According to the Ukrainian registration, the An-26 was named Kilo. In his first flight, he will fly after the completion of customs clearance.

The location of the company" Eleron "at the airport Rivne. They arrive at our airport, like home - and are registered with us, and take the premises for rent at our airport, ”said Igor Nasyiyuk, the director of Rovno International Airport.

In recent years, Rivne airport hosted only passenger aircrafts, and now cargo will fly from here.

Recall that by mid-March 2019, the plane is in the international airport "Kyiv (Zhulyany)", where it undergoes a technical inspection.

News story of the TV channel "Fifth"

Author: 18.01.2019 Source: 5 канал