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From Hollywood to Rivne: about the plane from "The Expendables 3"

The same color and the same images - so the star of the Hollywood movie " The Expendables 3" is already in Rivne.

The plane was released in 1985.

International airport in Rivne has entered into an agreement with the aviation company "Eleron" on the base of freight transport aircraft.

An-26 will carry out cargo transportation after customs clearance.

"We did not buy this aircraft, but took it to a European company lease, it's our long-time partners. And when we received a proposal to take this aircraft, of course, we could not refuse ", - added Andrii Kishynskyi.

The drawings on the plane were specially made for filming a Hollywood film, so owners do not plan to change it.

The aircraft is closed because it has not yet been cleared. It will be possible to see   what inside the aircraft after the maintenance and certification of the aviation company.

News story for Rivne 1 TV channel

The An-26 is a turbo-propeller military transport aircraft.

The development of the military transport aircraft An-26 began in the Antonov Design Bureau in 1964, under the leadership of  V.A. Garvardt.  In April 1969, J. G. Orlov was appointed as the leading designer.

The first flight of An-26 was carried out on May 21, 1969, under whose control was the crew of commander Yu.N.Ketov.

The first public demonstration of the aircraft took place in 1969 at the air show in Le Bourget. State tests were continued until September 21, 1970. Serial production was organized at the Kyiv aviation plant. On August 29, 1969, the first serial An-26 was released. For military use the USSR air force received the aircraft on May 26, 1975. Aeroflot began to operate an aircraft in 1973. Production of the aircraft lasted until 1986. From 1969 to 1986 were manufactured 1398 An-26 aircraft.

Also, a copy of the aircraft was issued in China under the name Y-14.

Author: 18.01.2019 Source: TVRivne1