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"Come, talk, and sell", - the head of "Eleron" presented services to the world leaders

Falling demand for cargo airlift, as well as any crisis, gives airlines the ability to reflect on their strategy. Obviously, a successful strategy should take into account the current trends in the world aviation market. In the first place, the following most significant trends of this market are worthy of attention:

  • convergence of markets for traditional cargo air transportation and integrated express transport.
  • growth of competition with sea transport;
  • sustained tendency to decrease the level of profitability of cargo air transportation;
  • imbalance of traffic flows between regions.

For Aviation Company «Eleron», “wet” leasing is another way of acquiring the necessary capacities for solving both unplanned and planned situations in the most flexible way. In addition to unplanned situations, including the search for an aircraft to make a replacement for settling unforeseen or short-term requirements, the long-term, planned need for an aircraft with a crew can occur, as the research shows, under the following circumstances:

  • passing by own aircraft of heavy forms of maintenance;
  • adaptation of capacity to known fluctuations in demand;
  • waiting for delivery of a new aircraft to expand the fleet;
  • provision of specialized capacity (for cargo delivery)
  • reduction of costs for certain operations;
  • providing an opportunity for a novice operator to develop a range of services before he can teach the crew of the aircraft and the engineering staff.

So on Thursday, April 11, at the 7th International Trade Forum # LIM- KYIV -2019, Director general of AC «Eleron» Andrii Kishynskyi presented the activities and services of the Aviation company. # LIM-KYIV-2019 - a lively, powerful, open platform for personal acquaintance with FMCG leaders from different countries for new ideas, selling / buying goods and services.

Lectures and personal conversations with speakers were devoted to the topics:

  • formation of value proposition;
  • analysis of the market and competitors;
  • determining the segment of the target audience of its business;
  • team formation and start;
  • development of strategy and tactics of joint actions with executive authorities;
  • improvement of the protection system of economic business interests, employees of enterprises and the state abroad.

On this example, two years ago the Aviation Company "Eleron" was created, the founder was the following priority work:

  • verified topicality of the problem and market capacity;
  • conducted analysis of competitors;
  • local legislation and mentality studied;
  • a business model has been developed in the new market, business plan and localization of business services.

During the presentation of the "Eleron" Andri Kishinskyi noted that, creating a direction of air cargo, it was decided to initiate the practice of connecting Ukraine with the EU countries, that is, to carry out an air cargo delivery from Ukraine and Ukraine through consolidation of goods on the flight, which enables the customer use small portable containers of 500 kg. Today, no cargo airline has such a practice and works only outside the Ukrainian state.

"Currently, the company is located in the territory of the international airport" Rivno", but we are negotiating with the airport "Lviv" named after Danylo Halytsky. Your manufacturing companies now have a reliable air carrier", - Andrii Kishinskyi told.

The event was attended by representatives of companies engaged in the production of products: "Capsular" (production of capsulated products); GFS GROUP; "Liqberry" (products of the company - paste made from various berries, which grow in environmentally friendly forests in the west of the country); «Sweet Arte» (confectionery factory); WOG (national network of refueling complexes); "Desnianochka" (confectionery factory); "Zlatomed" (harvesting and processing of honey); «Inkerman» (wine-making enterprise).

Between the company "Eleron" and some companies are already discussing the terms of cooperation.

In particular, the following speakers spoke at the event: the commercial director of the trading network VIVAT Pyatras Chapkauskas, the representative of the European Commission, Dr. Louise Prysta, the Acting Director of the EU and NATO Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Sergey Saenko, Director of Development of GFS Global Trade Igor Shulga, representative of the export department of SWEET ARTE Volodymyr Tyshchuk and others.

From now on, the Airline Company "Eleron" will increase the base of the most successful companies in the world for the adjustment of working together.


Author: 16.04.2019