This is the great honor for us to present you the cargo aircompany ELERON (hereinafter referred to as the air company), which provides services in air cargo transportation.

With the wide range of products and services specially adapted to the different requirements of our customers, we can provide a high level of service, while continuing to offer cost-effective solutions for the cargo freight.

The air company guarantees the safety, reliability and timely delivery of goods in CIS regions, EU and Asia.

You can trust us in all! All is Eleron!

The main airport of our air company's basing is International Airport Rivne.

Geography flight at maximum Loading capacity from Rivne international airport

The airline operates the following types of aircraft:

AN 26

AN 26

AN - 26

MTOW24 000 kg
Zero fuel weight15 850 kg
Fuel capacity5500 kg
Flight range1200 km
Flight overflight5000 km
Loading capacity5500 kg
Dimension of Side Cargo door2.1x3.5m or 87x135 inch

Our key success factor is based on personal service, flexibility and high productivity.

Our goal is to give the best service to the users or their representatives. We have the main idea in our company “To make our customers satisfied through out of their expectations.”

Due to our unique competence in the planning, processing and carring out of fast and reliable solutions, our logistics services ensure high productivity. Or, as we call it – Quality in motion!

Be modern, stay with ELERON!