Wet Lease

Cargo aircompany ELERON is the airline that operates AN26. These aircrafts are available for wet leasing. ELERON also offers its fleet for charter flights by AN26 aircraft.

The aircraft can be provided to the customer in a very short time to cover short-term or medium-term needs in transportation.

All direct operating costs, such as fuel, catering, airport fees, processing and navigation fees, are paid directly by the customer to service providers. Flight is operated by the ELERON airline flight number.

Wet leasing is a very useful tool for airlines from around the world, helping them cope with short, medium and seasonal capacity needs for air travels.

You can also order the level of service, food standards, convenience and even aircraft livery.

Apply for rent in wet leasing aircraft in our company, as well as to obtain all the information you need about the lease of the aircraft and the cost of services, you can contact our operators by phone or E-mail:

E-mail: info@aileron.com.ua

Tel: +38 044 3640433+38 (067) 534 23 26

Aircraft AN-26, General.:

UR registered aircraft Antonov AN-26B ready for ACMI and charter flights within European Union!!

ACMI on request.

For ACMI request please send us the following information:

1.Base Airport

2.All Routes and Draft of schedule with aerodroms

3.Operating hours (BH) per month *Min guaranteed BH/ month 60, 80, 100BH`s*

4.Date of starting with operation

5.Duration of the contract

6.Kind of Cargo

Customer (Lessee) details:

*Full business name of the Lessee

*Full legal address of the Lessee

*President (Director) of company and contact

*Call Sign and flight numbers