Pilot AN-26

Required work experience: 3–6 years

Full employment


  • Performing flights on An-26 aircraft as a pilot.

General requirements:

  • Higher aviation education (specialty: "Flight operation aircraft / aircraft);
  • Existence of a current certificate of a linear pilot;
  • Availability of admission to the aircraft An-26;
  • Experience as a pilot, a PIC, an instructor pilot for at least 1000 hours
  •  (total plaque);
  • Experience in performing international flights;
  • Proficiency in English-language proficiency at least 4 ICAO;
  • Willingness for long trips.

Technical skills:

  • Operation of the aircraft, its systems and equipment.

 Requirements for personal qualities:

  •  Purposefulness;
  •  Ability to work with large amounts of information;


  •  Employment in accordance with the Labor Code, social package;
  •  Competitive salary (salary + additional payments + daily allowance);
  •  International and domestic flights;
  •  Business trips;
  •  Work in a close-knit team.